Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Post-Op Delirium

Photo from Pinterest - Love the colors
Photo from Pinterest - An art studio for my painting.
     Yesterday I had my post-op visit with my doctor and I am good to go. Still need to pace myself, but I think two weeks indoors has played with my psyche. I’m thinking funny thoughts today. Wildly crazy visions of a new life. I was on Pinterest looking at mid-century modern flats in New York and European rooms in Paris, enjoying the views of tall ceilings, huge windows looking over the cities, colorful furniture, and walls of art and mirrors. Even a lovely French style sofa with tattered velvet covering made me sigh, such perfection in its faded elegance.
     It’s not that I don’t have my own house filled with color, art, and tattered furniture, which I love. It is just that two weeks recovering from surgery has left me daft. So much to do around here, and so little desire to do anything, except think of extravagance and change.
     My internet service crashing as I was looking at photos didn’t help either. I called to be sure they received my payment (I was late, but hey, I had surgery!) and it was not my issue, but a neighborhood issue. Give it an hour I was told by a tech. I am. But waiting is boring, for a gal who is bored recuperating at home for two weeks already. So I let my mind play games. I’m moving to new city, in a high rise, and going thoroughly modern Barbara.
      These are the thoughts that crossed my mind as my internet crashed:
       Move to Paris, if that is not possible, try NYC.
       Sell my old cupboards and cottage furniture, upgrade to modern with a hint of antique.
       Change out all my vintage oil paintings for prints and watercolors behind glass to reflect more light.
     Sell my car and buy a bike for city life.
     Dig out my paints and canvases, I feel a still-life coming on.
     Get a cat. Hahaha. That is just a joke. My six dogs are looking at me suspiciously as I giggle and write this.
     Wait, is that the internet connection coming back? My goodness, it is.
      Never mind what I just wrote! I think I’ll go back and look at more photos on Pinterest, you know the ones I post to my boards on painted cottage furniture, garden style art, farmhouses, and walls full of oil paintings.  The cottage in my mind is still a dream, the flat in Paris, well, that is a wild fantasy brought on by too much time alone!
      Six dogs won’t make it to Paris or NYC. And I don’t go anywhere without them. I can drive again, my doctor told me so. I think my big adventure will be tonight, dinner out. Anyone care to join me?  


  1. I hope you're beginning to feel better - and your internet, too!
    As for a fantasy flat in Paris or even New York, I get email updates from a company called One Fine Stay which offers upscale short-term apartment/hosue rentals in those cities, plus London. Their photos are always total eye candy and although prices are not cheap, I feel like this might be a 'bucket list' type of vacation to stay somewhere inspiring in one of the intriguing neighborhoods they offer. Their site is but I warn you, you might be browsing for some time ;)

    1. Oh Pauline - thanks for the link. Perhaps it will get me off of lollygagging on Etsy late at night. Just wrote a post about jewelry on my other blog! Going to sign up for their e-mails.