Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden Daze With Dogs

I have a bunch of lazy dogs. They take after me.  On a lovely spring day you most likely will find us lounging in the house rather than out in the beautiful weather. It's not the pollen, not the heat, we are just a pack of sluggish hounds.

Snuggling on the couch under the ceiling fan is very relaxing. Looking out the large picture window in the living room, at the sloping yard that ends with a natural picket fence by the street, the grass speckled with sun as its rays push through the branches of tall pines, and the huge expanse of ground that rounds to the right of way, makes it a bucolic setting. Restful.

Who wants to get up and move? I wasn't always so lazy myself, but hanging out with six dogs is a great stress reducer, and I find it hard to get up and do stuff . . . garden stuff.  I get up to write, eat, chat on my cell, drive off to meet friends for shopping and dinner, but work in the garden has been something I've avoided for a few years. The work was done, but by semi-professionals, and I would look at it later, after I'd written my check, and sigh . . . so beautiful.

This month things are changing. I am doing work myself. I still need a professional to mow the yard, but the clean-up, plantings, and other little jobs are now mine. It is a task I've told myself it's time to take on. Get some exercise, get the dogs out in the fresh air, save some money . . . the new me, sparkling at sixty-five.

Ready to drop in the yard at sixty-five. A few days of vigorous word, raking old leaves from the fall, bagging them, taking them in my little Red Ryder wagon to the street, all joyous activities, all finding muscles and joints I haven't used lately.

Yet I find I am smiling like an idiot. And so are the dogs. We love being outside in these glorious days. I've missed the simple pleasures of my yard. Digging in the dirt is so cathartic. Watching the dogs lounge on the deck, silly smiles on their faces as their heads point up towards the sky, drinking in the sunshine.




The couch will be empty while we all prance in the yard. There is plenty of time to snuggle at night and watch TV.

Perhaps a gardening show on HGTV.

You never know what tricks an old dog can learn.


Lesson Learned!
I did and so did the dogs. I bathed. They didn't. Now the house smells like dirt. That's so much
better than some of the smells from the dogs!



  1. Aren't they the best? I'm a sucker for posts with pictures of dogs. Cats, too (I guess) ;-)

    1. My handle is Writer With Dogs since I live with my six-pack. Thanks for visiting Martha. I am with you - a sucker for posts with dogs . . . sometimes cats, but not so much! LOL.

  2. Great pictures of your sweet dogs! You inspired me to get out in my yard with my dog more! Can't imagine having six. :-)

    1. Patricia - thanks so much for stopping by. My dogs love being out in the yard when I am. Otherwise they hang close to me when I write and am inside. We all need the fresh air break. Enjoy the day with your dog!

  3. Sweet dogs! I enjoyed your post. I am looking forward to getting my garden in order when it dries out from all of this rain.

    1. Hi Michelle - having fun with the garden. I have gotten poison ivy - but it is on the mend now! Too much fun and not enough watching where I am digging! Thanks for stopping by my blog.