Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Blog Georgia Home and Life Features Mom & Pop Businesses, Old Homes, Artists, Writers and More

So, here I go again. I wish I could stay put with my current blogs, but I am a blog freak, and if I get an idea, I have to blog about it. Somewhat off my usual rounds of getting to my favorite places in Georgia while I am in physical therapy for my hip replacement surgery (done in May, which if you follow my other blogs, the Merry Month of May is when everything, yes everything happens to me!) So instead of choosing another month to break the cycle, I elected May for my surgery. No easy task either to have surgery when you live with six dogs! The best pet sitter in the world moved in to run the household for three weeks. But now, life is back to normal. I am on a walker, but still a bit off my rocker! And back to thinking of moving to a small farmhouse outside of Atlanta.

As I sat at the computer looking at tiny towns with big old houses, I realized how little I know of Georgia outside of metro Atlanta where I've lived all these years. Well, the lights did not go out in Georgia in my brain that night, instead a humongous fluorescent light bulb lit up ( I try to keep energy efficient with everything I do). START A NEW BLOG. The words whirled around my head as I thought of titles for my blog and checked to see if the domain names were available. Yes, I also am a domain name freak. My list is long, you never know when something big could happen!

An hour later, exhausted, I came up with Georgia Home and Life. Anything with lifestyle was taken, but if you throw enough words together and run them through a domain name checker, you will sooner or later win the lottery and get your name!

I sent an e-mail to a writer friend ( PEN, short for Penny, but perfect for a writer, agree? You can visit her website here.) to see if she had an idea or two for a post. She came up with something better. The phrase Homegrown, as in small business homegrown in Georgia. Can't tell you how much I loved that name. So back to my domain checker and now I own the dot com Homegrown in Georgia. And with that name the complete idea for the blog fell into place for me.

Homegrown in Georgia. Spotlighting small business, mom'n'pop restaurants, old houses, getaways, local artists, writer, and more. Discover all you didn't know about Georgia.

You can visit the blog and learn some things! You can also contribute if you have a special spot close to your heart in Georgia you'd like to share with us.

I'm energized again after surgery. Between my new blog and the launch of my picture book A Dog Dreams of Paris I have lots to do between my physical therapy sessions.  As if living with six dogs didn't keep you on your toes even when you are dancing on a walker.

I am writing this drinking coffee out of the official Georgia Home and Life signature mug. You can have one, too. Easy Peasy to purchase on CafePress in
the shop On The Q-Teez, along with some great writing and artists T-shirts and mugs designed by, who else but my friend PEN!

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